175 W LUND food vacuum packaging machine

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175 W LUND food vacuum packaging machine.
Simple and convenient to use welding machine in a stainless steel housing.

- "Packaging" button - starting the packaging process
- "Stop" button - interrupting the packaging process at any time
- "Welding" button - starting the welding process on demand, eg when sucking in pulse mode
- "Impulse" button - instantaneous start-up of the welding machine is ideal for packaging delicate products
- Control lamp - indicates the operation of the device
- You can use food packaging bags welded on 3 edges or food packaging bags in the form of a sleeve wound on a roll.
- Maximum film width 25 cm, length as long needed
- Vacuum packaging inside containers
- Cable holder - allows you to hide the excess wire
- Stable work thanks to rubber feet
- Safety switch
- User manual in Polish

Purpose / use
Vacuum packager is designed for vacuum packaging of food products in the special bags. Thanks to this packing the food keeps longer its freshness and nutritional value.

zapakowany ser

Tips for food vacuum packaging
- The best results can be achieved for vacuum packaging of fresh food.
- If the quality of food deteriorates, the vacuum may delay this process, but it never can stop it. Anaerobic bacteria and microorganisms that can work in a low oxygen environment still have an impact on the deterioration of food quality.
- Boiling, thawing and reheating in water food packaged in vacuum helps preserving the taste and makes it easier to keep everything clean.
- When heating vacuum-packed dishes using a microwave oven, always puncture the bag in several places to allow hot air to escape.
- Vacuum packed food can be heated by immersing and heating it in the warm water, the water temperature must not exceed 75 degrees C.

When packing meat and fish, it is advised to first put the food for 1-2 hours in the freezer. This will allow to bind the juices , which are naturally present in the food, and also will allow to keep shape of the food. If it is not possible to pre-cool the food, it is recommended to put a loosely rolled paper towel between the food and the edge of the bag to be welded. The towel will absorb juices that will leak out from food during air suction.

In the case of cheese it is recommended to pack the remainder of the cheese after every use. If you use a suitably large sack, you can use it again after cutting the seam first.

Before vacuum packing vegetables it is recommended to blanche them. Blanching will stop the enzymes that can lead to loss of taste, color and structure. In order to subject the vegetables to blanching, they should be immersed in boiling water for several dozen seconds, then removed and immersed in cold water. Blanching time depends on the type of vegetable. The finer and more delicate vegetables the shorter the blanching time. Blanching also can be done using a microwave or steam.

It is recommend to vacuum pack the fine products in their original packaging. This will stop the product particles from entering the packaging machine, which may prevent proper vacuum packaging.
Before vacuum packaging food in a liquid state, eg soups, freeze them in a separate container, the shape and size of which should be chosen so that the frozen product fits in the bag. After freezing, the product should be taken out of the container, put in a bag, vacuum packed, and then placed back in the freezer. Vacuum packed food can be heated by immersing and heating it in the warm water, the water temperature must not exceed 75 degrees C.

Vacuum packaging inside containers
Packager has the ability to vacuum package the containers. Container should be connected to the external connector by a hose. In order to prepare a container for vacuum packaging, the information provided with the container should be followed.
Warning! The packager doesn't come with hoses and containers, the external port has an internal diameter of 5.5 mm. Make sure that the connector hose will fit into the packager connector.

Contents of the package
- vacuum packing machine
- user manual

Voltage [V]: 230
Frequency [Hz]: 50
Power [W]: 175
Protection class: II
IP Rating: IPX0
Bag width (max) [mm]: 28
Air flow [l / min]: 16
Vacuum generated [kPa]: from -65 to -80
Dimensions [length x width x height]: 340 x 150 x 64 [mm]
Net weight [kg]: 1.4

The packer is fitted for knurled bags for vacuum packaging of food:
- measuring 20x30 cm
- measuring 25x35 cm

Bags referenced below description ("related products").

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